Mindfulness Coaching For Athletes

We are now certified to offer Mindfulness Based Approaches for Athletes This work is grounded in research and Deb has done extensive training to be able to offer this service. As you know, athletes today are required to manage many unique challenges - their health and safety, expectations put on them by others and themselves, parent/coach conflict, training time, financial burdens, and scheduling, to name a few. These stressors can get in the way of performance and impact what they are bringing onto the field, onto the ice, onto the track and/or into the pool or gym.

The work that Deb does with athletes is designed as a supplemental resource to help them better navigate the stresses, pressures, pain, and suffering that can arise from playing and practicing competitive sports. Her hope in working with an athlete or a team is to teach several skills that will help to reduce the stress and worries that come from playing competitive sports and build skills to help navigate performance stressors as well.

The activities that she teaches are tailored for student athletes and provide a research-based set of skills to:
-Enhance performance,
-Manage stress,
-Increase sport satisfaction,
-Boost confidence
-Reduce stresses, and
-Decrease worries, and anxiety

Her work involves providing athletes with the basic foundations, principles, and skills to learn more about stress, stress reduction, and mindfulness. The variety of skills are designed to help athletes understand their own stress, how they manage stress, and asks them to consider some of the reasons and motivations they compete and play sports. 

The activities that she teaches focus on the physiological and psychological aspects of personal growth and development. They key in on those areas that help build mental toughness, sports confidence, emotional control, focus, positive attitudes of mind, good sportsmanship, and self-awareness. In addition, there are simple, event day skills that any athletes can use to help them focus and learn to “stay in the zone” as they navigate the pressure of performing in their sports. There are many professional teams and individual athletes currently using mindfulness as a tool for enhancing performance. These teams include the Seattle Seahawks, Atlanta Falcons, San Francisco 49ers, Indianapolis Colts, Boston Red Sox, San Francisco Giants, Chicago Cubs, Golden State Warriors, LA Lakers to name a few. Individual athletes using these approaches include Chris Archer, Evan Longoria, Jake Arietta, Eric Thames, Derek Jeter, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love, Aaron Gordon, Novak Djokovic, Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Gary Player, Luke Donald, Lionel Messi, Alex Morgan, Carli Lloyd, to name a few.

We invite you to reach out and find out more about this service. Deb is happy to come and talk to
your Coaching Staff to review in more detail the services that she is offering. She is also open to
one on one coaching, whole team mindfulness coaching and/or providing a workshop to teach
skills that your team can start using immediately.

Drop Deb an email for more info: info@bendwellness.org